Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

Back in those crazy, carefree days of 2011, we had a book that came out called SCREAMLAND: DEATH OF THE PARTY. A sequel to the first volume of SCREAMLAND, it was meant to be an ongoing book that started with 5-issue arc all about monsters at a convention trying to get their hands on a sex tape they’d all shot back in the late 70s before it leaked out to the general public.

Weirdly, a book about cocaine and orgies and fat, depressed monsters trying desperately to hold onto their fame for one more day did not blow up the sales charts. Our sales were good enough to justify the 5-issue arc (which you can pick up in trade or digitally) but not to keep going to issue 6 and beyond.

By this point issue 6 — meant to introduce the larger, ongoing, monster travelogue concept — was already drawn by a willing and able and amazing Chris Grine, but with no more book, it disappeared into our collective hard drives and waited for some day.

Welcome to someday.

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