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31 Horror Films in October (the 2012 edition)

I’ve only recently started doing this in the last 4 or 5 years. Last year I blew it, barely got to 15. Shameful. But I don’t feel super bad about that because I had work to do. The good kind.

2012 was the year I had nothing at all going on. Lots of flatting, lots of being broke, thus lots of time spent sitting at my desk with movies to keep me motivated to keep working. That was the October I watched 70 horror films in a month (69 1/2 technically, since I shut off POLTERGEIST 2 about 30 minutes into it).

I’ve kept this list to myself, because of lots of reasons (upon reviewing this list last year, I described it to a friend as my version of Charles Crumb’s comics when he was in the midst of going full-tilt insane), but enough time has passed and it’s October again, so why not share my illness with the internet? These are the films I watched, in the order I watched them.

(One note: I wasn’t able to watch subtitled films because I watched most of these while working, so my whole plan to visit the new french extremists was not an option this go-round).

1.    The Innkeepers

2.    The Brood

3.    Pontypool

4.    The Stuff

5.    The Faculty

6.    Brain Dead

7.    Hellraiser

8.    Hellraiser II: Hellbound

9.    Creepshow 2

10.    Remote Control

11.    The Ritual

12.    The Tall Man

13.    VHS

14.    The Shining

15.    Lake Mungo

16.    The Woman in Black

17.    Creepshow

18.    Altered States

19.    The Pact

20.    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

21.    Phantasm

22.    Phantasm II

23.    Stormhouse

24.    Phantasm III

25.    Phantasm IV

26.    Q The Winged Serpent

27.    Grave Encounters

28.    Grave Encounters 2

29.    Cloverfield

30.    Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes

31.    Evidence

32.    The Last Broadcast

33.    The Poughkeepsie Tapes

34.    The Blair Witch Project

35.    Apartment 143

36.    The Last Exorcism

37.    Quarantine

38.    Incident at Loch Ness

39.    Exhibit A

40.    Home Movie

41.    Apollo 18

42.    Poltergeist

43.    Poltergeist 2 [ABORT]

44.    Livide

45.    A Serbian Film

46.    Rec3

47.    Videodrome

48.    Ginger Snaps

49.    The Gate

50.    End of the Line

51.    Midight Meat Train

52.    American Werewolf in London

53.    Cannibal Holocaust

54.    Terror Train

55.    Creep

56.    Prom Night

57.    The Burning

58.    Let’s Scare Jessica to Death

59.    Megan is Missing

60.    Trick or Treat

61.    Invaders from Mars

62.    May

63.    Tales from the Crypt

64.    Vault of Horror

65.    The Abominable Dr. Phibes

66.    Paranormal Activity 4

67.    They Live

68.    Dead Alive

69.    The Thing

70.    Kill List

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