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a list of mkultra subprojects

Subproject 1:  Plants Isolation and Characterization of Rivea Corymbosa
Subproject 2:  Drugs
Subproject 3:  Testing
Subproject 4:  Mulholland’s Manual
Subproject 5a: MKULTRA
Subproject 5b:  Denver University Hypnosis
Subproject 6:  Testing of Plants by HEF
Subproject 7:  Funding; ONR Probably Abramson
Subproject 8:  Boston Psychopathic Hospital
Subproject 9:  Depressants, Schizophrenics, Alcoholics
Subproject 10:  Personality Assessment
Subproject 11:  Botanicals Popkin (Documents and articles on Luis Angel Castillo)
Subproject 12:  Financial Records
Subproject 13:  CIA Support to Fort Detrick
Subproject 14:  Paying Bureau of Narcotics for White
Subproject 15:  Magic Support; Mulholland Supplement
Subproject 16:  Testing Apartment Rental
Subproject 17:  LSD Studies of [excised] University
Subproject 19:  Magic Manual
Subproject 20:  Synthesis Derivative of Yohimbine Hydrochloride
Subproject 21:  Defector Study: originally Drug Study
Subproject 22:  William Cook and Co. Research: Amanita Muscaria, Rivea Corymbosa
Subproject 26:  Pfeiffer, Finances
Subproject 27:  ONR Funding, LSD Research
Subproject 28:  Pfeiffer
Subproject 30:  Fort Detrick (1)
Subproject 30:  Fort Detrick (2)
Subproject 30:  Fort Detrick (3)
Subproject 31:  Manufacture of Drugs by Pellow Wease Chemical Co.
Subproject 32:  Collection of Plants
Subproject 33:  Collection of 400 for SUBPR #27
Subproject 34:  More Support to Magic
Subproject 35:  Georgetown Hospital: Geschichter
Subproject 36:  Cuba Chapter Conference, Consultant, Subproject involving getting a man on a diverted freighter
Subproject 37:  Collection of Botanicals
Subproject 38: MKULTRA
Subproject 39:  Iowa State Hospital (and Ionia)
Subproject 40:  Funding, Probably Abrams LSD Research

Subproject 42:  Safehouse Chapter 7: MKULTRA Interview Notes White, George Hunter Dope Traffickers’ Nemesis

Subproject 43:  Combination drug, Hypnosis, Sensory Deprivation
Subproject 44:  Testing of Aromatic Amines at University of Illinois
Subproject 45:  Knockout, Stress, Cancer
Subproject 46:  Rochester LSD Drugs
Subproject 47:  Pfeiffer Atlanta
Subproject 47:  (1) Pfeiffer Atlanta/Bordertown
Subproject 48:  HEF Cornell Relationship: Artichoke Team Proposals and Reports
Subproject 49:  Hypnosis at [excised] University
Subproject 50:  CIA Imprest Fund for $500
Subproject 51:  (1) Moore Collecting Botanicals
Subproject 52:  (2) Moore Collecting Botanicals
Subproject 53:  (3) Moore Collecting Botanicals
Subproject 53:  Review Pharmacological lit.
Subproject 54:  Brain Concussion
Subproject 55:  Unwitting Drug Tests at [excised] University
Subproject 56:  Studies on Alcohol, Stanford Medical school
Subproject 57:  Sleep and Insomnia at GW:  Lloyd Gould
Subproject 57:  Sleep

Subproject 58:  J. P. Morgan and Co. (see Wasson file) Agency Policy and Conferences
Subproject 59:  Unwitting Drug Tests at University of Maryland
Subproject 60:  Human Ecology
Subproject 61: MKULTRA
Subproject 62:  Consulting Work in Isolation/Electric Shock/CNS Drugs
Subproject 63:  (1) Drugs and Alcohol (Butler)
Subproject 64:  Drugs
Subproject 65:  Hungarian Refugees
Subproject 66:  Alcohol and Drug Study
Subproject 67:  CIA Use of Institutes Facilities — University of Indiana
Subproject 69:  Rutgers
Subproject 70:  “Knockout”
Subproject 71:  Dr. Wallace Chan at Stanford University Testing Drugs
Subproject 72:  Testing Drugs for Effects on Central Nervous System
Subproject 73:  University of Kentucky: Narcotics Farms, Narco-Hypnosis
Subproject 74:  Small HEF Subproject (1)
Subproject 74:  Small HEF Subproject (2)
Subproject 75:  Mass. Mental Health (by Project number of master list)
Subproject 77:  Biological Lab (1)
Subproject 78:  Biological Lab (2)
Subproject 78:  Biological Lab (3)
Subproject 78:  Biological Lab (4)
Subproject 78:  Biological Lab (5)
Subproject 78:  Biological Lab (6)

Subproject 79:  Cutout for Funding Research of a “sensible nature”
Subproject 80:  MKULTRA
Subproject 81:  Cornell—Extension of Hinkle—Wolf
Subproject 82:  Hungarian Refugees
Subproject 83:  Graphology Journal and Cover
Subproject 84:  Hypnosis Work
Subproject 85:  Stanford Medical School
Subproject 86:  Stanford Medical School: Telecontrol
Subproject 87:  Hyper -Allergic Substances
Subproject 88:  Cultural Appraisal
Subproject 89:  Hungarian Repatriation
Subproject 90:  MIT—A. J. Wiener
Subproject 91:  Drug Testing and Screening of Animals
Subproject 92:  Teaching Machine for Foreign Languages
Subproject 93:  Toxin Study—Cuba Chapter
Subproject 94: MKULTRA
Subproject 95:  Osgood
Subproject 96:  George Kelly
Subproject 97:  Schizophrenics Psychotherapy
Subproject 98:  Mass Conversion Study: Queens College
Subproject 99:  Optics mixed with Biological Warfare—Cuba Chapter
Subproject 100:  CBW Penn State
Subproject 101:  Biophysics of Central Nervous System
Subproject 102:  Adolescent Gangs
Subproject 103:  Children’s Summer Camps
Subproject 104:  Sabotage of Petroleum
Subproject 105:  CBW, Disease
Subproject 106:  Electrodes, Russian Study
Subproject 109:  Drugs-CBW Testing
Subproject 110:  CBW MKNAOMI
Subproject 112:  Vocational Studies in Children
Subproject 113:  Gas Sprays and Aerosols
Subproject 114:  Alcohol Study
Subproject 115:  Mentally Disturbed and Environment
Subproject 116:  Lab
Subproject 117:  Cultural Influences on Children
Subproject 118:  Microbiology—Penn State
Subproject 119:  Telecontrol—Texas Christian
Subproject 120:  MKULTRA Drug Research
Subproject 121:  Witch Doctor study-Dr. Raymond Prince— McGill University
Subproject 122:  Study of Neurokinin
Subproject 123:  African Attitude Study
Subproject 124:  African Attitude Study
Subproject 125:  CO2 and Acid Base Research
Subproject 126:  Work on Placebos and Drugs
Subproject 127:  Disaster/Stress Study
Subproject 128:  Rapid Hypnotic Induction
Subproject 130:  Personality Theory, David Saunders/William Thetford; Columbia Univ.

Subproject 131: MKULTRA

Subproject 132:  Safe House — Not San Francisco

Subproject 133:  Safe House — Not San Francisco
Subproject 134:  Correlation Of Physique and Personality done by Haronian in New Jersey — Human Ecology
Subproject 135:  Testing on Volunteers
Subproject 136:  ESP Research
Subproject 137:  Handwriting Analysis, Dr. Klare G Toman-HEF
Subproject 139:  Bird Disease Studies at Penn State
Subproject 140:  human Voluntary Drug Testing
Subproject 141:  Unknown
Subproject 142:  Unknown
Subproject 143:  MKULTRA CBW/Bacteria University of Houston
Subproject 144:  MKULTRA
Subproject 145:  MKULTRA
Subproject 146:  MKULTRA
Subproject 147:  Psychometric Drugs THC
Subproject 148:  (1) Marijuana Research
Subproject 148:  (2) Marijuana Research
Subproject 149:  George White and Federal Bureau of Narcotics

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