Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

Baubles: A Swing and a M--Wait, What?


True story: I did not think I was going to get the Avengers Assemble gig. I was, in fact—and Bendis can attest to this—*certain* I was not going to get the gig. I just didn’t think I had enough… I don’t know what. Something. But I figured I *had* to pitch, right? To pass on that kind of…

There we go, I can finally talk about this. I’m co-writing two issues of CAPTAIN MARVEL (7 & 8) with the incomparable Kelly Sue DeConnick and, gotta say, I think they’re pretty pretty good. It’s been a roller coaster couple of weeks of exciting and terrifying that I’ll talk about at some point when I’m not supposed to actually be writing.

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