Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

BK: When it comes to what makes you laugh, what do you think makes good comedy good comedy?

TS: I like people who have an opinion and who aren’t afraid to be smart, but they’re not beating you over the head with their intelligence, or their intelligence isn’t smothering the comedy — people who aren’t afraid to have peace in what they do but they’re not being gross for gross’s sake, or shocking for shocking’s sake. Any comedian who says their primary goal is to make people think or to expose the truth is a comedian I generally have a hard time getting excited about. I’m interested in people who are trying to make people laugh and trying to make me laugh first, and the other stuff is hand in hand with having an opinion and believing in truth and honesty and all that stuff. It’s not like you’re either honest or funny, but you’ve got to be both. I’ve been wrongly labeled by a few people as being a “crab” or a “crank,” as though I hate the world. I don’t hate the world at all. I like as much stuff as I hate. I always try to mention stuff I like as much as the stuff I don’t like. It’s not like I’m just running down a list of, “This sucks and that sucks, and this sucks and that sucks,” and not giving any alternative, because, first of all, I’m trying to do a show that’s actually entertaining, and I hope my show is an alternative to bad stuff. I talk about stuff I like and performers I like, and movies I like too, but I think what it comes down to, for me, is that I know how I would want the world to be, and how I think it could be, and I guess I get disappointed when it falls short.

— Tom Scharpling (One of the single best answers to that question EVER)

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