Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger



We’re listed amongst some pretty auspicious books — The Wake, Hawkeye, Mox Nox, The Private Eye — on Comics Alliance’s Best Comics of 2013 list. Plus they said all this nice stuff about us.

High Crimes could get away with just having a great concept and not have to do much else to be good. The hook and the setting, harshly evoked by Moustafa’s stylish images, are enough to make it an interesting read. But the book is about the characters, their bad wiring, worse choices, and the type of mania that forces someone into the Olympics or spying, or up the tallest mountain in the world. To say that Zan is imperfect would be a massive understatement: she’s a complete disaster, a junkie and a cheater always looking for the next place to hide. She’s an engaging failure forced to discover she still has some fight in her. Seeing parallels in the journal of Sullivan Mars — the spy found on Everest — she responds when the stakes are at their highest, and her journey from trainwreck to action hero propels the story.

Sebela and Moustafa don’t have a lot of space to work with. The first issue of the digital-only series was only thirteen pages, but they wring everything they can out of what they’ve got. Mixing up the pace between high-tempo action and considered character work, they keep the intrigue at full volume and convey all the danger and mystery of the setting with an appropriate combination of fear and awe. A smart, twisting thriller with great characters and an unassailable premise, High Crimes is a gripping new Baedeker of suspense.

2013 has been a super weird year for me and this isn’t helping the psychic dissonance (in the best way possible, duh). Thanks to John Parker and Comics Alliance for all the nice.

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