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Comics Alliance's Comics We Love: Screamland

"If you think you’re fed up with the ghastly state of Hollywood horror, mystery and science fiction, where vampires are sunbathed supermodels with perfect skin and wolfmen are traffic-stopping adonises with chiseled abs — and where everything else pretty much just sucks too — then you should ask the real movie monsters how they feel. A werewolf, a creature from a familiar but legally distinct lagoon, an invisible man, vampires, aliens and more will tell you exactly what’s what in Screamland, the hilarious Image Comics series that imagines the classic genre film icons of old living on into our modern age of Twilight, Nu-Star Trek and Comic-Con.

"The latest trade paperback, Screamland: Death of the Party, goes on sale in December and is available now for pre-order. For more on the endearingly salacious book (which comes with an introduction by Matt Fraction), ComicsAlliance spoke with Screamland co-writer Christopher Sebela and and artist Lee Leslie, and managed to get more than 20 pages for you to check out for free.”

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Forgot to link to this really great piece on SCREAMLAND by Andy Khouri at Comics Alliance, with nice things said, a huge preview to go thru and lots of navel gazing by me and Lee, it’s a nice summation of where we’re at.

Shilling Time: Today’s the last day to pre-order the trade and make it really count. So call your local shop (find one here), or order one online from TFAW, Midtown or Amazon. If you like the book and want more of it, ordering it today would go a long way to making it so.

And if you’re not sure what more SCREAMLAND would look like, here’s a panel from issue 6:

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