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DC Pierson: Dinosaurs, Oil, And Remakes

This is a thing I don’t want to believe but sometimes do:

There was a “dinosaur” period of pop culture, when the original things were being made, the beautiful original things roaming the earth being appreciated for their own sakes. We are now in the “oil” period of pop culture, where we are using all the bones of those dinosaurs, whose massive indomitable forms came about through courage, will, imagination, and a healthy dose of “Eh, fuck it! Let ‘em make a thing” on the part of the cigar-chomping old guard, we’re using those bones, pressed into fossil fuels closer to the center of the Earth, to turn a quick buck.

Before long, the oil will run out.

And in the meantime, we aren’t making any new dinosaurs.

In relation to this.

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