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Five Things I Learned Writing High Crimes


This is probably an abuse of the term “Looper” — from 2012′s movie about time traveling versions of yourself messing with yourself — but it’s also a completely made-up term, so I can make it mean whatever I want. In the pantheon of bad habits, I have two major ones: Procrastination and Loopering. Procrastination is easy enough to understand, Loopering is sort of procrastination combined with self-flagellation. Let’s say, for a purely hypothetical example, that me of the past (PastMe) wrote something like “MAJOR CHARACTER JOURNAL ENTRY HERE” in issue 2′s outline and never bothered to figure out and write down what the journal entry was gonna be (or the entirety of their storyline, either) at the time. Cut to PresentMe writing the book and getting to those pages and reading the vaguest of notes in the outline and everything screeches to a halt.

PastMe just loopered PresentMe by sneaking some of his workload off to FutureMe, who is now PresentMe. Or Future Me will decide to take everything that Present Me is beating my head against to the point of mental breakdown and throw it away like it wasn’t anything at all because ultimately it was dumb or a tangent or too big for a book where we have 14 pages an issue and fight for as much real estate as we can get. This is Loopering, and like all time travel concepts, it starts to get confusing fast.

Chuck Wendig was nice enough to give me some space on his site to yammer way too long about stuff I’ve learned while writing HIGH CRIMES, so if you like walls of text from me, here you go

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