Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

Frank Vincent (Billy Batts): Wherever I go, anytime I go anywhere, they tell me to go home and get my shine box.

Chuck Low (Morrie Kessler): Every fucking guy on the street yells to me, “Hey, Morrie, did you get Belle her Danish?”

John Malkovich (actor): It sort of came at a bad time in my life, when I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to think about working. It’s hard to explain why you end up in Eragon and not GoodFellas. But De Niro is fantastic.

Douglas: I believe they only did like seven takes. I’ve been involved in Steadicam work where you literally work all day to achieve what Marty achieved in that shot.

Liotta: One take was because at the end of it, Henny Youngman forgot his joke.

Zea: ”Take my wife…”

Ballhaus: He forgot his line that he had said about 2,000 times!

Chase: The sequence in GoodFellas—moving the cocaine, making the Sunday gravy, and taking care of the brother in the wheelchair, and dodging helicopters—the way music and film are used there, so that you actually feel you’re high on coke? I don’t think anybody’s ever done that before or since. It’s beautiful filmmaking.

Scorsese: You think you’re doing something at the time, and that gets you through it. And maybe it changes over the years. A picture takes on a life of its own.

Getting Made the Scorcese Way

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