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Goodnight, Sweet Best Show


The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling is coming to an end on December 17th. It’s actually difficult to convey how important this show has been to me, because it sounds like I must be joking. The show, and Tom himself, have helped me get through some difficult times, and I’ve met truly amazing and inspiring people through it. I’ve been a superfan of Scharpling for over a decade, and I’m really proud and honored to have played a tiny part in the Best Show Universe. Do yourself a favor —if you like comedy and find yourself needing to listen to something for three hour stretches (perfect listening material for artists!) check out the show Tuesday nights, 9 to midnight EST (6-9 West Coast) on or 91.1 FM if you live in NY/NJ area, or check out the archives on —Also, you can try out Best Show Gems for bite-sized samples of Scharpling & Wurster at their best. Get into it before it goes away forever. Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster are responsible for some of the hardest laughter I’ve ever LOL’d. Here’s a panel of a comic I did for the WFMU marathon premium “Best Show Magazine” —advice for calling the Best Show from a former “Quality Caller” (bragging). FOT for Life!


Still coping with the imminent end of one of the most important things in my life the last 7 or 8 years. Tuesday nights will never be the same.

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