Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

He structured so much around that persona that maybe he was afraid of, is anybody gonna think I’m cool and worth seeing if I’m not kind of a badass. That was the number one argument we would always have,” says Joyce. “We were very like-minded in this way. I really liked waking up in a hotel with a half-lit cigarette in my mouth in the morning, drinking a bottle of Jack. I like that lifestyle. I’m that guy. But it was killing me, and I found a way to kind of trick myself in sobriety, by [thinking], I used to be that guy, and that’s actually more badass. I did all that. I wear it like a badge of courage that I ruined a lot of shit and drunk-drove across four states in a blackout, but I’m very proud of the fact that that’s who I used to be. So I would always say to Greg, ‘why can’t you rest on that? Why can’t you be thrilled that you used to get blasted with Pantera in the woods?’ We went to some party in a mansion in the side of a mountain way out somewhere in Arizona, where it was all strippers and Ketamine, just craziness, and it was like, why can’t you be excited that you have those stories? Why do you need to keep making more? Because the number of awesome stories you have is, these days, really being outweighed by the number of shitty stories you have. Because that’s what always ends up happening. You have these rose-colored glasses about how great it is, but it gets less and less great, and you have to drink and do more and more substances to try to recreate the good times on the road.”

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