Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

High Crimes is a comic that works quietly in the background of the comics industry as a genre and character piece that, once you know to look for it, impresses more and more with every issue. Coming from a publisher and creators whose following is loyal, but pales in comparison to that of the fabled ‘Big Two’, the biggest crime of this series is that more people don’t know to read it. It stands as a pillar of what can be done with comics once all the gimmicks and events are stripped away and all that stands are creators with a passion for the story they want to tell. Coming in at the halfway point of the series, “High Crimes” #6 takes a look at where its characters are and what stands in their way as they continue their attempt to summit Everest. So far, it has been an examination of Zan, the book’s ongoing trainwreck of a main character, and what drives her to say “Screw you, nature” and make the climb to the summit of Everest.
Multiversity has some nice things to say about HIGH CRIMES #6. (via highcrimescomic)

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