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HIGH CRIMES reader and longtime pal Zan (who I stole Zan’s name from, assuring Real Zan that Fiction Zan bears no resemblance to her) wrote tonight to point out some weird similarities that only her venn diagram of interests could draw a connection to.

From her email:

A little bit freaked out by the similarities between my new favorite baseball card of Ken Griffey Jr (picture attached) and the image of Zan on the final page of High Crimes #5… Is this where all the little pieces of my world collide?

There is an eerie similarity going on, but sadly no deep references to be found here. I’ve never actually asked Ibrahim, but I’m pretty sure he has just as much interest in baseball as myself (see: nil). Plus, if I was gonna sneak a baseball player in, it’d only be from two teams: the 86 Mets or the 89 Cubs.

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