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My SDCC Schedule!


5:20pm - At the scenic San Diego Airport, wistfully resigning myself to the next several days.

6pm - Comixology Blank Page Initiative Party looking for free drinks

7pm - Oni Press Dinner (please, no photographs)

9pm - Drinking at some bar

11pm - Drunk

2am - Stumbling back to my room.


Writing all day in my room, emerging only to get free drinks and food. 

9pm - Walking Dead/Weezer party

11pm - Probably drinking.


10:00-11:00AM  You’ve Broken into Comics, Now What? How to Be a Pro. (Room 28DE)

You’ve found your collaborators, you’ve worked hard and gotten some comics made. Oh God, now what? Co-moderators writer Christopher Sebela (High Crimes) and Oni Press editor Charlie Chu (The Sixth Gun) address having a career in comics, behaving like a professional, and managing expectations once you are a working creator. Panelists include writer Joshua Williamson (Captain Midnight), writer/artist Natalie Nourigat (It Girl and the Atomics), and cartoonist Sloane Leong (The Softest ShadowLabyrinth’s Lament). 

11am - 1pm - Wandering the floor, having a panic attack, leaving.

10pm - BarCon

11pm - Wooooo!

1am - I love you all SO MUCH

3am - ohhhhh godddd

5am - Where am I?


8am - Find a church, discuss life choices with next available pastor.

Rest of Day: Hanging out, getting one of those burritos that has TWO TAQUITOS INSIDE IT, light drinking, watch San Diego empty out, get back to work.

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