Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger


"Screamland" is a buddy cop murder mystery story. Sorta. Harold Sipe and Christopher Sebela’s script tells what happened to the movie monsters long after their Hollywood career peaked. As it turns out, they’re a diverse group of people who went a number of ways. Most of that would be wrapped in spoilers, so I can’t tell you too much about it.

But it’s creative and it’s often funny, without resorting to cliches. Let’s face it, monster stories — and modern takes on classic characters — have been done to death. But “Screamland” takes it in different directions and gives us something enjoyable and engaging; the book isn’t just about the irony of “real life” monsters, but about their character and their relationships. You believe this rag tag group of monsters are old acquaintances, with squabbles and friendships more complicated than a simple gag book would portray.

Some nice words from Augie De Blieck over at CBR about the SCREAMLAND trade that came out two weeks ago. So, go read it if you like to read nice things said about good things. If nothing else, this review quells a lot of my fears about the trade layout and the book as a whole, which is a weird reaction to come away with from a review, which I usually just scan through to pick out all the most confidence-hobbling lines I can.

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