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Remember that time that Stevie Nicks and Prince hung out?

Back in the early 1980s, Nicks and Prince were friends and musical collaborators. One day when she was driving in Los Angeles, she started humming along to his “Little Red Corvette” on the radio and pulled over to write down words she was composing. When she went to record the song a few hours later, she called Prince.

"Don’t even ask me how I found his number but I did. I told him: ‘I’m recording this song and I wrote it to "Little Red Corvette" and I’m giving you 50 percent of it and I want to know if you’d like to come play on it on one of the next three nights.’ He was there in an hour, and he was there for about an hour and a half. And we became friends."

That song, “Stand Back,” became a big hit in 1983. She asked Prince if they could someday write a song together. So he sent her a cassette of a long instrumental track and invited her to pen lyrics.

"It was so overwhelming, that 10-minute track, that I listened to it and I just got scared," Nicks remembered. "I called him back and said, ‘I can’t do it. I wish I could. It’s too much for me.’ I’m so glad that I didn’t, because he wrote it, and it became ‘Purple Rain.’"

via Minneapolis Star Tribune

"I phoned Prince out of the blue, hummed a melody, and he listened," says Nicks of the latter hit’s gestation. "I hung up, and he came over within the hour. He listened again, and I said, ‘Do you hate it?’ He said, ‘No,’ and walked over to the synthesizers that were set up, was absolutely brilliant for about twenty five minutes, and then left. He was so uncanny, so wild, he spoiled me for every band I’ve ever had because nobody can exactly re-create - not even with two piano players-what Prince did all by his little self.

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