Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

Remember the time the bassist from Fishbone kidnapped the guitarist from Fishbone?

"He went berserk, man. He went bug wild. Chasing the devil through the walls of his apartment. Tearing shit up, him and his brother. I know they baptized his brother’s wife in his waterbed. He was seeing the devil in everything. To him, his whole life had been in service to Satan, in some subliminal fashion."

The circumstances that pushed [guitarist Kendall Rey] Jones over included the death of his mother, a cancelled marriage, a drinking problem and, most importantly, a religious zealot of a father. “He was talking to his father for like 40 hours a week… as he was going nuts. As we were making the album, he went bonkers. He didn’t eat or sleep for a week, and that’s when shit got the worst.” L.A. health authorities suggested that [bassist John Norwood] Fisher apprehend Jones for hospitalization. But then the Jones clan rolled over on him, and he found himself the one facing incarceration.

"You know what got us the full acquittal in the courtroom, though? Kendall got on the stand, and under examination and cross-examination, he went bug wild!" Fisher walked, but he’s still licking his wounds from the ordeal.

So what’s the word on Jones these days? “I hear he’s at least doing shit that he used to do,” says Fisher. “Smoking weed, drinking, making music. But people who know him say he’s fucked up. He’s not the same person we used to know.”

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