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SCREAMLAND: One Last Thing

The new release date for the SCREAMLAND: DEATH OF THE PARTY trade paperback is now JANUARY 14th, 2012. Previously it was scheduled for December somethingorother, but this is publishing and sometimes stuff just moves back a little bit, especially in the world of indie comics. The one upside to this is you still have time to PRE-ORDER THAT MOTHER. Preordering is basically you voting that you give a shit about the book and might wanna see some more issues come out, more trades come out, a dynasty to be constructed and a couple of knuckleheads get comics rich while telling tales of sadness,failure, monsters and the world in which they all elbow for space. 

In the spirit of teasing what the future of SCREAMLAND looks like, here’s a little taste of issue 6, which kicks off a whole new direction in the ashes of the first arc, at Devil Fish’s funeral, appropriately enough: 

So this is my last sales pitch on this, because pre-orders are done as of MONDAY, DECEMBER 5TH, and then it’s all down to fate or Santa or whatever you pray to in those cold dark moments of the soul. If you have some bucks to throw down to support independent comics, independent creators, me as your friend or all of the above, here is how you do it:

THE BEST WAY: Find a shop here:

 Call the shop and tell them you want the SCREAMLAND: DEATH OF THE PARTY trade coming out in December, and give them this order code - OCT110478. Ordering from a comic store is the most direct way to tell the store and Image that you like SCREAMLAND and wanna see more of it.

THE NEXT BEST WAY: If you don’t have a shop in your area and still want it, you can order it online from several sources: Things From Another WorldMidtown Comics or even Amazon. (Amazon has it for almost half off, that’s less than 10 bucks for 160 pages of comics.)

Anyhow, yeah. I love SCREAMLAND and I think you might too if you’re reading this (because I get that sense about you), and we’ll be able to keep doing it if only you, the discerning, urbane, cultured elite would vote with your duckets to make it so.

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