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Screamland TPB: Or how you can help

I’ve been working on a really long, heartfelt piece about SCREAMLAND, this comic I do, and the vagaries of the comics world and the fact that the last issue that just came out is the last one you’ll see for awhile and what you can do to help bring us back from the brink, but it was a little exhausting and a lot overwrought yammering.

So here’s the deal: SCREAMLAND is on hiatus, meaning we’re not cancelled, but we’re not putting out new issues. This is due not to the fact that people don’t love us or don’t read us, but not enough people love us and not enough people are preordering the book. So what can you do? Preorder the trade coming out on December 14th. Preorder several if you can/want (what’s better than sadness, pornography and drug usage for the holidays? Nothing).

What do you get?

You get all 5 issues, with all 4 backups, a brand new, trade-only backup drawn by Steven Sanders (SWORD, Our Love is Real) , the 0 issue that was previously only available digitally, sketches, promotional art we’ve never used before, a few pinups and an introduction from Matt Fraction (Casanova, Iron Man, Fear Itself). It’s a lot of bang for your buck.

How does one preorder?

Simple. Find a shop here:

Call the shop and tell them you want the SCREAMLAND: DEATH OF THE PARTY trade coming out in December, and give them this order code - OCT110478. Sit back and wait. 

If you don’t have a shop in your area and still want it, you can order it online from several sources: Things From Another World, Midtown Comics or even Amazon.

Bam, you’re done. Except maybe tell some friends to do it too. Give them your single issues and see if they dig it. Spread the word.

So yeah, that’s it. Comics are weird sometimes, and this is one of those ways. If you like Screamland, if you’d like to see more issues, more arcs, more of the world we’ve built (Issue 6 is already completely drawn, and we’re written up through issue 8, with another arc beyond that already half-sketched out) then please take a moment to pre-order the book and maybe, like Tinkerbell on a bender, our monsters will come back if only you believe.

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