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SDCC EXCLUSIVE: DeConnick, Sebela & Sook Launch "Ghost" Ongoing - Comic Book Resources


This November, "Ghost" returns to comic shops as a new ongoing series from Dark Horse Comics. following the success of the recent miniseries, Kelly Sue DeConnick is back to write the initial arc of the new series, joined by collaborator, writer Christopher Sebela, and featuring artwork by Ryan Sook.

"Ghost" follows Elisa Cameron, a reporter in the city of Chicago who was ripped out of the land of the living by occult forces. Having been brought back to the earthly plane in not-quite-corporeal form, Cameron has set out to right the wrongs committed by those who banished her. As the first miniseries concluded, Elisa had pieced together some traces of her past, though many questions continued to linger. And though she’s managed to excise a few demons from those in power, she’s also learned that at least 32 beasts still walk the streets of Chicago in human guise.

Comic Book Resources spoke with DeConnick and Sebela about the announcement of the new ongoing series, their collaborative process and how to succesfully ground the supernatural in the everyday for “Ghost.”

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