Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

shrewdness of apes, sleuth of bears, grist of bees, dissimulation of birds, volery of birds, siege of bitterns, rabble of butterflies, clutter of cats, destruction of cats, cartload of chimpanzees, quiver of cobras, murder of crows, piteousness of doves, memory of elephants, tower of giraffes, implausibility of gnus, glint of goldfish, drift of hogs, mute of hounds, smack of jellyfish, deceit of lapwings, ascension of larks, lounge of lizards, watch of nightingales, parliament of owls, rookery of penguins, unkindness of ravens,  hurtle of sheep, dray of squirrels, ambush of tigers, descent of woodpeckers, shitload of people

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