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"silence is consent"


taken from comments on tumblr and facebook defending yale stewart 

#1 is pretty good, but #6 is priceless.

1. “Honestly, silence is consent.”

2. “So they didn’t say anything for two whole years? Surely that’s not really on you, that’s on them for not saying anything. They just sat on that and whipped it out when you’re in the shit? Yeah right.”

3. “As you said ‘every photo sent was in direct response to either a photo received or a specific request, mutually agreed upon by two consenting adults.’ so I don’t see the reason for such humiliating apologies. This way it looks that you are guilty and them completely innocent. American moral sometimes confuses my european brain.”

4. “Yeah, this sudden indignation sounds a little fishy if you ask me. Who cares about a stupid photo from two years back.”

5. “…but what is the huge deal here? We’ve all sent ‘explicit’ pics in our time(we’re all adults here), if these women had a problem then they should have called you out for it two years ago!”

6. “Not a single time did you come out and point fingers at the women who you were involved in relationships with , blaming them for sending you mixed signals and misleading you.”

7. “Mistakes do not make sexual harassment. As a human being, you misread another’s intentions, and that is okay. Had they spoken up sooner, you likely would have felt very bad about it, but not looked at it as harassment.”

8. “As long as it was adult women I can’t see any flaws in your behaveour! If the women felt violated, they should have told so at once! What’s it with you americans and your urge to make such a big deal out of everything sexualy orientated? You’re a young guy wih a healthy appetite for sex, no big deal!  - And now, back to the drawingboard, you rascal you!”

9. “I wont go into the whole validity of your guilt or the questionable level of their “unwanted attention” but I have to admit it does bother me that these people waited two years before drudging this up.”

10. “If I ever sent an intimate photo of myself to someone, and they made it publicly known, I would be devastatingly offended. I’m sorry this happened to you Yale, but you deserve just as much discretion in your sex life as any woman would demand.”

in sum: yale stewart is really the victim and the accusers are horrible villains whose supposed initial unwillingness to step forward is proof of their spurious falsehoods


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