Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

Teach: So I’m interested in knowing how much you charge for a paper.

Cheat: I charge between $25 and $35 a page, more if there’s research required. And those are New York City prices, the market is saturated here. I cut deals with repeat customers. I guarantee a B+ on any subject. I get my clients from Craigslist, so I’m a little more expensive than the paper mills, the services…

T: Which are less expensive and easier to detect. With the new software, you can scan in whole papers.

C: Yeah, they have a very distinct style, whereas I give that personal Ivy League touch. I think I’ve written probably over 100 papers.

T: What do you learn about your clients?

C: As much as they want to tell me. I don’t really meet them, so I don’t know them very well. I’ve written papers for Cornell and Columbia students. There are a couple of CUNYs, some NYU, less NYU. One semester I did a guy’s entire course load for a semester. I was paid $1000 a month. So I know a lot about anthropology now. A couple of classes were even interesting. These students are all over the map. At my prices they tend to be a little wealthier. But there are also kids with student loans who just don’t feel like doing it. At the brand-name schools, I get the sense that they tend to be mostly jocks and frat boys. At the public schools, they tend to just be fairly normal, practical people with cash on hand.

T: At a certain point, it’s worth the investment.

C: Precisely. It’s worth your money to get your time back. While I was taking that guy’s classes, he spent the semester driving around the country, spending at least two nights in all 48 continental states. That’s a much better use of your time than four anthro classes. And I was happy to help him do it. Most the paper assignments I get are: read these articles, regurgitate them, quote them, tell me what it’s all about. If you’re not interested in those articles, what are you going to learn from doing that? Nothing! I almost never get an assignment where I think, “Oh, interesting paper topic.” Never happens, with few exceptions. The only times it happens are when the client is buying all of his semester’s papers from me. Most of the papers are dumb papers for introductory classes that the student is clearly just doing for credits. I get serious papers too, graduate papers, but it tends to be people who are not in college to be learning this content.

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