Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

That One Time My Book Got Reviewed by Fangoria

"Author Harold Sipe and Christopher Sebela have crafted a dialogue-driven drama, which also happens to be a murder mystery. The writers cleverly have these characters ask many universal questions. These forgotten protagonists are facing the horrors of growing old and wondering if they still have a place in the world anymore. Once you think you know where the story is going, the shocking ending will undoubtedly surprise many readers. After reading the first time, you will have to reread the issue and find the clues set up in the pages. 

"The art by Lee Leslie makes good use of creating caricatures from classic horror movies. The Slasher, who has seen better days, resembles a worn-out and beaten Jason Voorhees from FRIDAY THE 13th. The colors by Buster Moody are faded and washed-out, creating a unique atmospheric vibe. The illustrations capture the emotions and bleak humor within the dialogue balloons.

"A definite must-read for comic book fans, SCREAMLAND #1 represents horror satire at its best. The story takes an ironic twist toward the horror genre and portrays monsters as people with real problems. With the setup established and characters fleshed out, the following issue takes a surprising turn as a murder mystery. It’s available for previews this month; don’t miss SCREAMLAND when it hits stores June 8."

As a kid with limited funds, I’d go to the magazine stand under the Sheridan L stop where they didn’t care who they sold what to and would buy Fangoria, reading it cover to cover on the many stoops I encountered on my walk back home, where I would stick it up my shirt to keep my mom from finding it. And now they’ve reviewed my book. There you go, 10 year old me, we did it.

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