Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

The Broken Wand Ceremony

It is with deep humility and genuine pride that I assume a role in this service. I come as a representative of the Society of American Magicians, and as a humble spokesperson of its members, friends of [NAME]. 

One we talked with yesterday is silent today. A friend who we walked with has gone on without us. We shall miss and remember (him/her). And no greater tribute can be paid to anyone than this; that (he/she) lives on in the hearts and esteem of friends. 

Compeer [NAME], when you were initiated into the Society of American Magicians, you were presented with a wand, this ancient emblem of mystery. It symbolized the magic power that was yours as you used your knowledge of magic secrets and your skill in their exemplification. Now it’s power is gone… It is a mere stick… Devoid of all meaning and authority… Useless without your hand to wield it. 

[Break Wand] 

Fellow compeers, may the broken wand symbolize our submission to the mandate of the Supreme Magician to whom all secrets are known, even of life and death. Into the surety of his love we commit the keeping of our brother/sister.

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