Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

The Desteni Cult

In “Is God a Reptilian”, Bernard Poolman said: ‘It is also Worthwhile Studying the work of David Icke. His Research is Meticulous in terms of the Global Problem’, but that ‘he was just an Pawn in the Hands of these Reptilians’. (Conspiracy theorist, David Icke and his supporters do not support Desteni.)
Poolman has also said that religious people belong to suicide cults, the human cannot be trusted and should be eradicated at all costs, teeth represent a crown of thorns, mass movements are controlled by ectoplasm, Adolf Hitler should be forgiven, pornography, prostitution and child rape are caused by masturbation or ‘the family’, elite ‘rulers of the world’ control events at the behest of Anu, a reptilian god, that Everything that you are as a human can be traced back to a Reptilian God and Desteni is ‘the message of Jesus’, which is atheism. 
Desteni is based around the pronouncements of Poolman, but more particularly the young woman whom he admitted served as his mouthpiece: Sunette Spies AKA the ‘Desteni Portal’. Most of the people signed up to Desteni got drawn in to begin with far less by writings or talks by Poolman than the videos of Sunette Spies. Poolman described the ’Desteni Portal’ as ’Possibly the Greatest Miracle Ever on Earth’.
During his life Poolman was never seen publicly in any video except with a still image or in cartoon form represented as ‘the Beast’, but Spies has appeared talking to camera in thousands of videos on YouTube and other sites. She is presented as the so-called portal or ‘upgraded channel’ for ’mind consciousness systems’ of countless different dead people, fictional characters, mythical beings, reptilians, aliens, inanimate objects and so on. 
Spies claims she has something called a ‘Portal Placement’ ‘in and as’ her body which has been put there by Poolman and enables her to communicate as anyone and everything. 
For example, she has said she is speaking on behalf of an AK-47 rifle, Marilyn Monroe, a leprachaun, Joseph Stalin, a petrol pump, Carl Jung, a coffee cup, Albert Einstein, Kurt Cobain, panty linerthe consciousness of an elephant and a snail, Elvis Presley, various reptilians and aliens, a grain of sand, Adolf Hitler, Audrey Hepburn, Aleister Crowley, Colonel Gaddaffia vibrator, Freddie Mercury, Leonardo Da Vinci and a piece of toilet paper.

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