Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

The Longest Night

She was alone in a cave, 275 feet underground, for 111 days. She had no clock or music to provide a rhythm to her life. There was no sunrise, no sunset—not even a change of temperature from a constant dank 48.1 degrees to give her a clue her if it was morning or night on the surface of the Earth.

"One "night" she slept for 31 hours. Another time, she took an afternoon siesta that lasted 18 hours, but when she awoke, she thought she had dozed off for only a few minutes.

"She was, in the jargon of the scientific sect that studies such voluntary isolation, "de-synchronized"—outside time. Buried in the limestone belly of southern France near L’Aven du Valat-Negre, she temporarily was floating loose, freer and more disconnected than an astronaut in space."

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