Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

There was the day the writer Todd Kessler found himself alone with [David] Chase in the Silvercup writers’ offices. The showrunner had been late for a meeting to stitch together the men’s halves of the final episode of the second season, “Funhouse.” Now, he distractedly sat down across from Kessler and announced that he’d had an epiphany.

“‘Is it something you want to talk about?’ I asked. We were sitting across a table that was probably two and a half feet wide,” Kessler said. “He said, ‘Well … I realized … that I’ll never be truly happy in life … until I kill a man.’ And then he leaned across the table and said ‘Not just kill a man’ — and he raised his hands right on either side of my head — ‘but with my bare hands.’”

The two sat there silently for a long moment. And then Chase broke the spell. ‘I’m going to get a coffee,’ he said, getting up from the table. ‘You want a coffee?’

— Difficult Men, Brett Martin

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