Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

Tradition dictates that December 31 presages the transition from one year to the next. I tend to spend the afternoon working out which days in the following year have some kind of numerical significance. For example, in 1978 I’d circle June 5 because that would be written as 5/6/78 – and at 12.34 I’d look at my watch and have a pretty sweet nod to myself. Next year bears a few of these ‘red number days’. November 10 might be one: 10/11, 12:13, ’14. But I’ve had to put the time in the middle to make that work so at best it’d be a small nod and probably not even that. Just trying to think if there are any others. December 10 maybe, if you stick with even numbers? 6:08, 10/12, ’14. But ideally you’d want the time to be 4:68 and there’s no such time unless I carry the 8 over and do it at 5:08 and then you’re really effing the system up.

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