Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

We’ll get a load one day, a big one, maybe a hundred pounds of crystal headed to Atlanta. Or maybe $1.2 million in cash headed back to Mexico. And that night the traffickers call you on your cell phone and say, ‘Nice job man! That was a big bust!’ It’s like we’re friendly, almost — joking with each other. Then they ask about your wife, and it gets very creepy; they want you to know how much they’ve got on you. They say, ‘Too bad while you were taking the five hours to deal with that hundred pounds, we got another thousand pounds past you.’ The hundred pounds were just a decoy.

They watch us watching them. Their ‘counterintelligence’ is so superior to our ‘intelligence’ — and I can’t stress enough what a bullshit word that is — that it’s just no contest. You taunt each other, like it’s a game, but it’s a game they always win.

What’s not a game is that, if drug organizations can not only get major shipments past us every day, but can know how much they got past and laugh at it — if they’re watching that close — what’re the terrorists doing? I’ll tell you what they’re not doing is advertising. It’s not a game to them, I wouldn’t think. And what if they go into business together? Then what?

— Methland, Nick Reding

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