Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

What have you done to Dave?

"…this toxic environment metastasized to such a degree that Miscavige’s underlings, unprovoked by the leader, would similarly descend upon one another, ganging up on whoever seemed weakest. Group confessions, referred to as "séances," had become regular occurrences at Int. At these events, executives who’d angered Miscavige in some way were made to sit at the front of a large room, such as the base dining hall, and one by one stand up and confess their "crimes." De Vocht witnessed numerous séances, including those where Miscavige himself would stand up and reveal someone’s crimes, having combed through their auditing folders. "In front of seven hundred people, he’d say, ‘It came up today that so-and-so was jerking off,’ or ‘Sam, here, in another life molested a child.’ Well, people had very little sleep, they were eating rice and beans, they were half psychotic from working such long hours, and they’d go into a frenzy." Often the attacks were made in defense of the chairman of the board himself. "What have you done to Dave?!" the people would shout, and they’d jeer while the accused racked his brain to think of an appropriate response."

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