Christopher Sebela

writer, wronger, rearranger

worktrain coffeeshop playlist (i live in a world of things i cannot control)

- Billy Joel, Allentown (literally just as I got here, appropriate and a decent BJ song, fumbly social conscience and all)

- Cat Stevens, Wild World (I will always love this song and this album and screw you, buddy)

- John Lennon, Nobody Told Me (I like Lennon less as days go by, but this is good poppy Lennon)

- Crosby Stills and Nash, Just a Song (even with Young, I find most of CSN to be wildly inert as a source of emotional resonance, so it goes with this)

- Poco, Heart of the Night (what the FUCK is this? who the fuck is Poco? had to ask my phone to identify this)

- Christopher Cross, Ride Like the Wind (Art Bell flashback, why couldn’t Michael McDonald just sing this whole song?)

- Gary Wright, Dreamweaver (That first 30 seconds or so is a priceless musical moment)

- Joni Mitchell, Woodstock (hey, a lady, also had no idea what this was, had to make my phone tell me)

- Little River Band, Cool Change (The Little River Band is the musical equivalent of those little packets of silica that come with clothes. Not for human consumption. )

- Fleetwood Mac, Rhiannon (Fuck. Yes.)

- Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Lucky Man (Maybe most listenable ELP of all time and still completely terrible, especially because that dumb fucking electronic slide kazoo shows up at the end to remind you HEY WE’RE STILL EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER, REMEMBER TARKUS? WE’RE COOL, RIGHT?)

- Some Jackson Browne song (if it’s not Lawyers in Love, Doctor My Eyes or Late for the Sky does it really matter?)

- Eagles, New Kid in Town (eh, I can get into it a bit, despite my better urges)

- Eric Clapton, Lay Down Sally (always awful, Clapton is the crappiest god ever)

- Simon & Garfunkel, The Boxer (there’s a very narrow catalog of S&G I can listen to, this is one of them)

- Seals & Croft, Summer Breeze (I guess it makes me feel fine, in a sugar coma sort of way)

- Billy Joel, For The Longest Time (this is the song that got me into Billy Joel, now it sounds like the 80s stabbing the 50s to death. in a bad way.)

- Cat Stevens, Peace Train (are they just cycling through these same howevermany artists? Also, this song is okay, but it’s also called PEACE TRAIN which is mildly unforgiveable)

- Supertramp, Give a Little Bit (It’s pretty 70s, as is Supertramp)

- Some James Taylor song (fuck this, I’m putting headphones on)

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